Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand. While I usually just buy super duper cheap (like, $2 from CVS) nail polish because my nails get ruined at work the day after I paint them -takes unsettling deep breath-, this stuff is worth the EIGHT WHOLE DOLLARS. This is where I play the broke college student card.  It stays on fairly well, goes on fairly well, and is just fairly dandy. The other random dude underneath is Xtream wear by Sally Hanson. I believe thats the only product I own by that company but I love the color. ITS LIKE A 24/7 PARTAY ON MY FINGERSHIELDS. 



Geranium-Target (about $8) (fav)

Aruba Blue-Target (about $8)

Turquoise & Caicos-Target (about $8)

Sally Hanson- Hard As Nails:


Celeb City (#220)- CVS (about $4)


Anyways, here’s to a first post! -clinks glass with yours, too hard, glass breaks, shards dig into hand, back peddles in shock, trips over toy wooden horse, back rolls three times down creepy cellar stairs, adopts gross basement baby found in the corner, has a new family member-

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